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National Greyhound Foundation

Greyhound Transporting:
A major item for our
National Greyhound Adoption Center

Greyhound transportation is a large expense as we are constantly moving rescued greyhounds. The National Greyhound Foundation first gets involved at the tracks, where the rescued greyhounds are taken to veterinary clinics. After medical work is done The National Greyhound Foundation must move the retired greyhounds to our training facilities or to a greyhound adoption agency in different parts of the US to get the retired Greyhound ready for his Forever Home.

Greyhound Training

Greyhounds being moved into prison for training.
The Retired Greyhound's next to last trip is to our Greyhound Adoption Agencies or our various Greyhound Adoption Centers where they get one step closer to their Forever Home. Sometimes the new adoptive family will want to come to the prison training facility to pick up their Trained Greyhound. What a great first meeting! Many times they are allowed to meet the Grey's personal trainer. They can see first hand how their Grey was loved and his special tricks. But most of the time we need to get the newly trained Greyhound to our Greyhounds Adoption Agency or Greyhound Adoption Center that is nearest to the new owners home.

So we have truck expense, driver's fees and fuel, all major expenses. Unless we are lucky and they can hitch a ride with "The Greyhound Underground Railroad." That is a group of Greyhound owners that each will carry a Retired Greyhound a short distance then pass off to another and so on. With luck, the greyhound can reach a Greyound Adoption agency this way. But that only works sometimes in getting to their Forever Home, Most of the time we are moving too many Rescued Greyhounds at once and we have to arrange some other means of Greyhound Transportation.

We try to save money while providing greyhound transportation, but most of the time we need a greyhound transport truck. The National Greyhound Foundation cares for our Retired Greyhounds and we make sure that they are comfortable. We always use two drivers so that they never stop. We want the Retired Greyhounds to arrive as soon as possible at both greyhound adoption agencies and their new owners without spending any more time in transportation than necessary. The National Greyhound Adoption Program uses only air conditioned or heated carriers for their comfort.

If you would like to assist in this important part of our operation please tell us. If you would like to help in transport, write Beverly at: or to donate just click here.

Thank you for being a part of The National Greyhound Adoption Program and saving the life of a Retired Greyhound. "A Friend is a Terrible Thing to Lose!"

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